Complete a 4473 After Buyer Is Denied With Electronic Signatures

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023


  • This article assumes you have Electronic signatures turned on in your account settings.

  • When a buyer is denied by the NICS or state background check system the 4473 must be printed and stored (for 5 years) separately from your completed and void/no sale 4473s.

  • You should not Void/No Transfer a Denied 4473. A Denied 4473 should be completed by clicking the Complete button after you print the form.

  • Denied 4473’s should be filed by the buyers Last, First, Middle name.

To Complete a Denied 4473 the following information is required to be answered on the 4473

  • A Contact must be linked to the 4473.

  • At least one Item in Section A.

    • Do not remove the Items from the 4473.

  • Do not change Q6 to say “Zero” or “None”.

  • Select the Category(s) of firearm(s) to be transferred in Q24.

  • Enter the Buyers Identification in Q26.a.

  • Enter the Date the transferee’s/buyer’s identifying information in Section B was transmitted to NICS or the appropriate State agency in Q27.a .

  • Enter the The NICS or State transaction number in Q27.b.

  • Either

    • Select Denied in Q27.c.

    • or Select Delayed in Q27.c AND Denied in Q27.d with the date.

  • Enter the Transferor’s/Seller’s Name in Q34.

  • Sign the 4473 in Q35.

  • Q36 MUST be left blank.

  • TTSN MUST be left blank.

  • After you have the form filled out, click the Save button

  • After you have saved, click the Print button

  • Confirm the answers in the next popup and click the Complete button

  • Print the 4473

    • You must print all 6 pages.

  • After you have all 6 pages in your hand close the tab with the 4473 and confirm the 4473 was printed by clicking the Yes button.

  • Click the Complete button

  • Complete the 4473

    • If asked, enter a Response Date.

    • Optional: Enter a Note.

  • Click the Continue button.

After the 4473 has been completed, FastBound will remove the 4473, the Items listed on the 4473 will be released so they can be added to another disposition or 4473, and the Contact status will be changed to Denied.