Configure Multiple Sale Reports by Item Types

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

All of the Item Types you’ve entered into your Account and the Approved Item Types are automatically listed here. You can configure them to report or to not report.

  • Pistol and Revolver Item Types default to create 3310.4 reports for ALL Accounts and cannot be changed.

  • Rifle defaults to 3310.12 for Accounts in states that have a southern border with Mexico 

  • Unapproved Item Types default to No Report for all accounts.
    – If you want an Unapproved Item Type to generate a Multiple Sale report, you will need to select the report you want from the settings.


Customizable Item Type and Reporting Table

  • Type column
    – Shows the type of firearm

  • Default column
    – Shows FastBound’s default setting

The selections below can be customized for each Item Type if the FastBound default setting is incorrect. 

  • No Report
    – FastBound will not create a Multiple Sale for the Item Type

  • 3310.4
    – FastBound will create a Pistols and Revolvers Multiple Sale report for this Item Type

  • 3310.12
    –  FastBound will create a Certain Rifles Multiple Sale report for this Item Type