Fix a 4473 while buyer is still here

Corrections to an original 4473 can only be made if the firearms(s) have not been transferred to the buyer and the 4473 has not been completed by the seller, Q34-Q36 have not been signed and dated.

If the 4473 has been completed by the seller then you must make the corrections on a copy of the 4473. See our help documentation.


If the FFL or the buyer discover that an ATF Form 4473 (or e-Form 4473) is incomplete or improperly completed before the firearm(s) have been transferred.

The buyer can only make changes to Sections B and D.

The FFL can only make changes to Sections A, C and E. 

The proper procedure to correct the error is to line out the error, correct the error, and initial the correction.  It is not necessary to date the correction, because it can only occur on the day of sale.

The corrections made on the 4473 must match the disposition record in FastBound.