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Send us your file for conversion.

You can send us your .xlsx file through the chat. In the chat, click the paper clip icon, select your file from your downloads, and send it to us. Or, If you have your download folder open, you can drag and drop your file into the chat.

FastBound will not and cannot modify your data. Any missing info will need to be corrected by you after we send your converted file back to you.

FastBound run your file through our conversion tool and send it back to you as a .xlsx file.

The converted file may be missing information. You will need to add this missing information to be able to import your file into FastBound. This missing information may include some or all of the following.

You can also add details to your import file before importing your items into FastBound. These are all optional.

Save your .xlsx file as a .csv and import into FastBound

If your file imported successfully then you will not receive any warning or error messages and you will be taken to the Item Search page where you can verify they all imported.

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