Corrections To The 4473 Questionnaire

The Instructions from page 6 of 4473 states: “The licensee should NOT contact NICS and must stop the transaction if there is reasonable cause to believe that the sale or disposition of a firearm to the transferee/ buyer is prohibited or the transferee/buyer is prohibited from receiving or possessing a firearm, including if: the transferee/buyer answered “no” to questions 21.a; the transferee/buyer answered “yes” to questions 21.b. – 21.m.; the transferee/buyer answered “yes” to question 21.n.1., and answered “no” to question 21.n.2”.

However, it is up to you to use your discretion when presented with a customer who you believe has made an honest mistake. If you do decide to allow a purchaser to complete a new 4473, you should never tell them which answer was prohibiting or “incorrect.” To do so could be considered coaching by ATF.

FastBound will display a popup on the 4473 stating: “This sale cannot continue” and will list the disqualifying answer from the questionnaire.

The disqualified form MUST be Printed and Stored for records in accordance with ATF ruling 2021R-05F.

You can remove the 4473 from your pending list by clicking the “Void / No Transfer” icon.

For more information, consult the FFLGuard Help Desk