Creating a Complete ATF Bound Book

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

This help article is only for creating a Complete ATF Bound Book. If you need to create a Filtered Bound Book (by acquire type or dates) then see our help article on creating a Filtered Bound Book.  

Creating a complete ATF Bound Book is fast and easy. You can create them as often as you need, without limit.

  • From the Main Menu click Bound Book

  • Click the green dropdown button labeled ‘Download ATF Bound Book’

  • Choose to download either
    – PDF
    – CSV 

FastBound will begin to generate your complete ATF Bound Book. When your Bound Book is ready, FastBound will email you a link to download it. A link will also be present in your Downloads. If you have Dropbox enabled, FastBound will sync the latest copy of your Bound Book to your Dropbox account (PDF only). 

  • Go to your Downloads