Dispose Items as Theft/Loss

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

FFLs must report the theft/loss of firearms to the ATF Stolen Firearms Program Manager within 48 hours of discovery (toll free) 888-930-9275.

FFLs must reflect the theft/loss as a disposition entry in the Record of Acquisition and Disposition required by 27 CFR Part 178, Subpart H. The disposition entry should indicate whether the incident is a theft or loss, the ATF Issued Incident Number, and the Incident Number provided by the local law enforcement agency.

After you’ve received your ATF Issued Incident Number and your local police report number.  You can print the ATF 3310.11 form. Always review your printed form for completeness before submitting to the ATF.

To create a Theft/Loss Disposition you must have these required fields:

Dispose Date (cannot be in the future)
Discovered Date (cannot be in the future)
Theft/Loss Type
ATF Issued Incident Number
Police Incident Number

To Dispose an Item(s) as Theft/Loss

  • Click on ‘Dispose’ from the main menu

  • Click on ‘Theft/Loss’ from the sub menu

  • On the Pending Theft/Loss Disposition list page click the Create button

  • Enter the Discovered Date

  • Select a Theft/Loss Type

  • Click ‘Save’

Once you click save the Items panel will open up

Now you will be able to print form 3310.11 (Should be printed after you have the ATF Issued Incident Number and the Police Incident Number)

  • Click the ‘print 3310.11’ button

  • Review the 3310.11 for completeness and fill out any missing information

  • Print the form and submit it to the ATF Stolen Firearms Program Manager and your local authority

After you have reported and submitted the required form 3310.11

  • Fill out the required Disposition Fields (If you haven’t already)

  • Click ‘Save’

  • Review for mistakes 

  • Click the ‘Dispose Item(s)’ button