Merge Contacts

Although an exact duplicate of a contact cannot be made, you can create duplicate contacts because the contact changed address or there was a misspelling of their name or address. In any case, you would want to Merge these contacts instead of deleting or archiving them.

If the contact belongs to a Federal Firearms Licensee, the FFL number is the only field considered when checking for a duplicate. The organization name is used to check for duplicate organization contacts. The first name, middle name, last name, address, city, state, and zip code are used for individuals.

Merging Contacts allows you to combine the records of duplicate Contacts so you maintain a single Contact history of what has been Acquired from or Disposed to them. 

Merging Contacts does not change the information already committed to your Bound Books. Changes made will only apply to Acquisitions and Dispositions after you’ve made them.

Once contacts have been merged the results are final they CANNOT be reversed. Please be careful to not make a mistake or accidentally merge the wrong contacts. 

To Merge a Contact

First you want to select the Losing Contact

Next you want to select the Winning Contact (the contact you wish to keep).

Finally you to choose what information you want to keep.