Enable or Disable The 4473 Cloud Integration

Written by Jarad on May 15, 2023

Prior to enabling the integration, ATF Ruling 2022-01 requires licensees to provide written notification to their local ATF Industry Operations Area Office 60 days prior to implementing an electronic Form 4473 retention system. A link to this ruling can be found Here

The 4473 Cloud integration will require you to have a 4473 Cloud account created BEFORE enabling the integration between FastBound and 4473 Cloud. If you need to create an account with 4473 Cloud, you may do so Here.

Enabling 4473 Cloud will incur an additional charge on your FastBound billing invoice for their services. If you have subscribed to 4473 Cloud directly, kindly request them to contact FastBound before activation, to prevent double billing.

  • The 4473 Cloud Integration can be enabled under the billing panel by the account owner. This panel can be found by clicking the profile silhouette

  • After you click the profile silhouette, click the billing tab.

  • Under the billing tab, There is a 4473 Cloud plan drop-down menu. This drop-down menu will display the available 4473 Cloud storage plans available to your account. (These plans are separate from your FastBound account Plan)

  • Click the drop-down menu and select your preferred 4473 Cloud plan, then click “Save Add-ons”

  • Upon clicking “Save Add-ons” your card on file will be charged for the selected 4473 Cloud plan.

The Integration is now active between your FastBound account and your 4473 Cloud account.

To disable the 4473 Cloud integration, you will need to deselect the 4473 Cloud plan under the same drop-down menu by clicking the blank space within the drop-down menu, then click “Save Add-ons.”