Law Enforcement Requests for FFL Records

Written by Jarad on November 20, 2023

FastBound’s Commitment to Compliance and Privacy

At FastBound, we are committed to ensuring full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements while rigorously protecting the privacy and security of the records we manage on behalf of Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders.


Policy on Release of Records

In accordance with our privacy policy and commitment to our clients, FastBound will not release any FFL records or other sensitive information under our management except under the following circumstances:

  1. Subpoena or Court Order: If a judge duly signs a subpoena or court order, FastBound must comply by providing the requested records.

  2. With Authorization from Account Owner: Without a subpoena or court order, FastBound will only disclose FFL records to law enforcement agencies if we receive explicit authorization from the FastBound account owner associated with those records.


Procedure for Law Enforcement Requests

To facilitate a smooth process for law enforcement agencies requesting access to FFL records, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Subpoena or Court Order: In cases where a court order is involved:

    1. Email Submission: For the fastest response, law enforcement agencies can scan and email all pages of the signed subpoena or court order to

    2. Courier Delivery: Alternatively, the court order can be delivered via courier to our physical address:
      1024 Iron Point Road
      Folsom, CA 95630.
      Please also email the tracking number to

  2. With Account Owner Authorization: If you seek information with the account owner’s consent, please ensure we receive written authorization from the Account Owner directly via chat inside of FastBound after logging into their account or an email from the same email address we have on file for the Account Owner.