Manufacturing from Existing Items

All manufactured items should be acquired through the manufacturing process. FastBound tracks which items are manufactured, which will allow you to create your reports required by the ATF and IRS.

If you are manufacturing from an existing item you would begin here.
If you are manufacturing a new item from scratch, you would use the Manufacturing New Items process.

To manufacture items from existing items, you must have the required fields below.

Dispose Date is required and cannot be a future date.
Dispose Date cannot be before the Item’s Acquire Date.
Dispose Type is required and should be specific to manufacturing.
— Manufacturing Disposition Types are separate from regular Disposition Types.


To manufacture items from existing items

After clicking the “Create Manufacturing Disposition” button, your Disposition will be saved and added to the Pending Manufacture From Existing Items list page, your account owner contact will be selected, and the add Items panel will be available.

After clicking the “Continue” button, you will be directed to the Details page for the New Item that you are Manufacturing.

The table at the bottom will show the details for the existing Item that you have selected and they will show the changes you make in the selections.

Select the details for the new Item

All of the fields on the left are required.

All of the fields on the Right are optional.

Clicking the “Dispose Items & Create Acquisition” button will log the starting Item out and create a Pending New Item Acquisition for the new Manufactured Item.