Rate Limiting

As FastBound continues to grow and more partners integrate their solutions using our API, we need to ensure that we maintain an acceptable level of performance for all requests, including those made from the user interface. As such, starting on 2/2/2021 at midnight UTC, FastBound began limiting API requests to 60 requests/minute per account.

How does it work?

The first API request for an account starts a 1-minute window. Within that window, you can make a total of 60 API calls. If you exceed that number, you will get a 429 Too Many Requests response. After the 1-minute window elapses, your next API call will start a new 1-minute window where you can again make a total of 60 API calls.

Regardless of whether or not you have exceeded the rate limit, each response will contain headers that tell you about rate limiting:

You will need to ensure that your software gracefully handles these rate limits.