Time Limitation on NICS and State POC background checks

A NICS or State POC background check is only valid for a single use and for a period not to exceed 30 calendar days from the date that NICS or the State POC was initially contacted. After 30 calendar days the transferor/seller MUST start a new background check.

In FastBound, if the date in Q36 is more than 30 days from the date in Q27.a you will not be able to print or complete the 4473.

If you receive this error you will need to start a new background check and enter that date into Q27.a, the new NICS or State Transaction Number into Q27.b, and answer Q27.c and Q27.d (if needed).

(Optional) You should record the original expired NICS or State POC background information in Q32 and a note explaining that the original background check expired.

For states (CA and FL) that allow a firearm to be transferred for 30 days after the approval date you can put the approval date in Q27.a and then put a note in Q32 saying “Background check submitted on xx/xx/xx but {state} allows firearms to be transferred for 30 days after approval”. While this is technically a violation of the federal form this will allow you to complete the 4473 according to the states law. If you have concerns about this we recommend you contact your local DOJ and/or your local ATF field division.

The examples below of when a new background check is required are from Section §478.102(c) in the ATF eRegulations.