Transmitting a Multiple Sale Report

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

To be able to Transmit a Multiple Sale report the following criteria must be met:


From the Pending Multiple Sale list page select a Multiple Sale.

  • Make sure the Multiple Sale form is completely filled out

  • Scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Review & Transmit’ button
         * If the button is disabled check to make sure the form is completely filled out and then click the ‘Save’ button. If it’s still disabled then you missed something.

Clicking the ‘Review & Transmit’ button will verify that the form is completely filled out and take you to the Multiple Sale Preview page. On this page you are able to preview the form and review it for mistakes. If there are mistakes click the ‘Close’ button and correct them before continuing. 

  • First you must Print the form for you records. Click the ‘Print’ button and the form will open in a print tab

  • Once you’ve printed the form, close the print tab that was opened in the prior step

  • FastBound will ask “Did the form print correctly?”
         * Click ‘No’ to close and attempt to print again
         * Click ‘Yes’ to close and continue

  • Once you’ve confirmed you printed the form, you can click the ‘Transmit’ button

  • Click the ‘Transmit’ button

  • A confirmation will pop up.
         * Click ‘No’ to cancel the transmit and return to the print preview
         * Click ‘Yes’ to continue with the transmit

  • When you click ‘Yes’ the form will automatically be emailed to the ATF with Tracking. You will then be taken to the Transmit Completed page.
         * You can reprint you Multiple Sale here as well

  • Additionally, if you have the CLEO configured with an email address in your Multiple Sale Account Settings, an email with tracking will also be sent to the CLEO.
         * If the CLEO does not accept email or it is not configured in your Multiple Sale Account Settings, you will need to manually send the reports to the CLEO.

Once the Multiple Sale has been Transmitted it can no longer be edited, dismissed, or deleted.