Using Guided Access on iPad/iPhone

Written by Jarad on March 20, 2023

*Note: This help article was written for iPadOS and iOS 15. Older and future versions of iPadOS and iOS may be slightly different.

Before you can use Guided Access on an iPad/iPhone you must first enable it. If you have questions on how to enable Guided Access please see our help topic on that.

  • Open the App you want the users to be able to use. In this example we will use Safari. Click the Safari iOS app icon.

  • Go to the URL for your form 4473. You can find the URL by going to 4473 on the main menu in FastBound. It will be (the x’s represent your account number).

  • Depending on your iPad/iPhone you may or may not have a home button. To start Guided Access:

    • If you have a home button you will need to rapidly click the home button 3 times.

    • If you do not have a home button you will need to rapidly click the power button 3 times.

    • If you’re clicking the power button and the device is turning off then you are either not clicking fast enough or Guided Access is not enabled.

  • On an iPad you will get a pop-up confirming Guided Access was started. This popup is very brief. If Guided Access is working you will not be able to open or close the app.

  • On an iPhone you will have the option to Cancel, Start, or change the Options. We do not recommend changing the options and are not covering that in this help article. Choose Start.

  • To Exit Guided Access on your iPad/iPhone click the home button or the power button (whichever is appropriate for your device) quickly 3 times. You will be prompted to enter your Guided Access passcode (This should be different that your device passcode). After you enter your Guided Access passcode click End in the top left corner.