API, 4473, and e-Signature Improvements

FastBound will now suggest non-expired FFL numbers when you enter an expired one.

Choose a License

The FFL Number you searched for is expired, invalid, or inactive, or it didn't exactly match the active FFL Number in eZ Check.

Please choose which FFL Number to use, or click Cancel to manually update this contact:
Entering an Expired FFL number allows you to choose the correct license

We made several minor improvements to Theft/Loss dispositions, electronic FFL transfer logic, transferee contact cautions, and Q19 rules on Form 4473.

Our API now provides additional search capabilities and an endpoint for merging duplicate A&D contacts. 

We added a SmartLists API for accessing acquisition and disposition types, manufacturers, caliber, conditions, country of manufacture, importers, item types, and more.

We have added additional APIs for deleting dispositions, and associated items, by External Identifier.

Current customers can take advantage of these great new features immediately.

New customers can try FastBound, the best FFL Software for firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D Bound Books) for free (no credit card required), or schedule a live demo at your convenience.

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