ATF Form 4473 Enhancements

The team at FastBound has released another free update with some noteworthy enhancements to the most-compliant Electronic ATF Form 4473 available. The new enhancements to ATF Form 4473 include:

FastBound will now create an audit trail entry when a user deletes a disposition attached to a completed 4473.

Form 4473 Question 27.c.
Form 4473 Question 27.c.

On the seller’s view of Form 4473, we have added a button to clear out section 27.c., which is the response initially provided by NICS or the appropriate State agency was.

When viewing a non-licensee, FastBound now provides you with a convenient list of Form 4473s completed by the buyer.

On the buyer’s view of Form 4473, we show the full state name after the abbreviation (i.e., CA-California instead of just CA).

These time-saving enhancements are always available immediately to all FastBound subscribers at no additional charge, with no downtime or upgrades required.

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