4473 Mistakes & Eliminating The Common Ones

We made several updates to the Bound Book and Electronic 4473 areas of FastBound with a focus on Eliminating Common 4473 Mistakes. We are proud to announce another regularly scheduled update of FastBound, the leading Acquisition & Disposition Software, since 2010. 

Bound Book Software Updates

  • Firearms that are Destroyed or Reported as Theft/Loss on ATF Form 3310.11 can now be searched for more easily from the item search page.
  • We improved the validation of the Transferor Transaction Serial Number (TTSN) generator format found under the Dispose tab of your Account Settings.
  • We improve the validation of the Item Number generator format found under the Acquire tab of Account Settings.
  • We improved support for Utah BCI Instant Web Gun Check System.
  • We improved support for California DROS Entry System (DES).
  • We improved the content of error messages returned by the API related to External Identifier conflicts.
  • Added Cuba and Afghanistan to the Country Code list.

Eliminating Common 4473 Mistakes

  • We have improved the performance of generating ATF Form 4473.
  • We made several improvements to the background check button on a pending 4473.
  • Added a check for when a buyer is completing the 4473 who might misread County as Country and enter “US” or “USA,” which is a prevalent mistake.
  • We improved the logic for enabling and disabling Print and Terminate buttons for an electronically signed 4473.
  • We have added a ton of additional date checks for ATF Form 4473.
  • Added support for Topaz Electronic Signature Pads.
  • Improved question number and the question overlap when viewing the buyer 4473 on specific screen sizes.
  • Bypassed the print warnings if Question 20 or Questions 21 have been checked.

FastBound’s leading FFL Bound Book Firearms Compliance Software includes free upgrades and updates for all plans. Current customers can take advantage of these great new features immediately.

New customers can try FastBound, the best FFL Software for firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D Bound Books) for free (no credit card required), or schedule a live demo at your convenience.

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