FastBound Launches Updated Software

FastBound today announced the launch of the first major update to the leading and most compliant electronic bound book software since the company’s start in 2010. The update boasts new features including POS Integration, electronic 4473 forms, and a clean, responsive dashboard with a modern workflow.

FastBound ATF ruling 2016-1 complaint acquisition and disposition software

The software was designed by Jason Smith, a Silicon Valley developer with more than eighteen years of integration experience designing and building software compliance solutions for banking, healthcare and other regulated industries. FastBound’s co-founder Jarad Haselton, a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), brings his real-world experience with other FFLs to create a top-of-the-line software that serves FastBound’s customers by automating processes and keeping compliance with the ATF, while also being easy to use.

“FastBound saved my business! We were struggling with our log books and the ATF was threatening to take our FFL. With FastBound we were able to straighten it all out and pass our audit 100%. Our agent is very pleased with the way we turned our business around.” – R. Shelton

“[the new] FastBound raises the bar for firearms acquisition and disposition software,” said Jason Smith, co-founder of FastBound. “We have taken everything we have learned from thousands of customers since we started in 2010, thousands of hours of spent with the top firearms compliance attorneys in the country, and built not just a log book, but a real platform on which the leading acquisition and disposition software can run, as well as serve the next generation of innovative solutions to drive the firearms industry forward.”

Headquartered near Sacramento, California, FastBound is trusted by thousands to fulfill their FFL bound book requirements including manufacturers, distributors, dealers, importers, pawn shops, collectors, and law enforcement. FastBound is the most compliant electronic bound book system in the country and guarantees legal defense for customers against the ATF with FFLGuard ATF ProtectionPlan Plus.

About FastBound:

Since 2010, FastBound has been a trusted leader in electronic ATF Acquisition and Disposition (A&D) software solutions, used by thousands of FFLs including manufacturers, distributors, dealers, importers, pawn shops, collectors, and law enforcement. Visit to learn more.

Media Contact:

Katie Perrine, Primer, LLC, 4805508762,

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