FFL Software POS Integration, API Enhancements, Tennessee Background Check, Nevada Background Check, ATF EZ Check Improvements

The team here at FastBound is proud to announce another release of FastBound — the leading FFL Software for firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D Bound Books), firearm compliance.

In addition to the new features and improvements listed below, we also made sixty-eight internal, performance, back-end or non-user-facing fixes or improvements.

  • Add Lightspeed Point of Sale (POS) integration for retail gun dealers
  • Add more API endpoints
  • Add Time Zones
  • Add Organization Name to Contacts
  • Improved ATF Electronic Bound Book download user experience
  • Update the dashboard information automatically
  • Add create date to pending acquisition and disposition lists
  • Improve Tennessee background check functionality
  • Automatically focus fields on the login screen
  • Improve Nevada background check functionality
  • Improve disposition multiple serial search
  • Prevent disposing of items to an 06 FFL (Manufacturer of Ammunition)
  • Restyle the user profile page
  • Add a column for TTSN to the Items list
  • Add Trade Name to the import file format
  • Warn user about potentially missing TTSN
  • Notify users when serial numbers contain characters not approved by ATF
  • Notify users that 03 FFLs cannot be updated via eZ Check
  • Notify users that 06 FFLs cannot be updated via eZ Check


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