FFL Software POS Integration, API Enhancements, Tennessee Background Check, Nevada Background Check, ATF EZ Check Improvements

FFL Software Update

The team here at FastBound is proud to announce another release of FastBound — the leading FFL Software for firearms acquisition and disposition (A&D Bound Books), firearm compliance.

In addition to the new features and improvements listed below, we also made sixty-eight internal, performance, back-end or non-user-facing fixes or improvements.

  • Add Lightspeed Point of Sale (POS) integration for retail gun dealers
  • Add more API endpoints
  • Add Time Zones
  • Add Organization Name to Contacts
  • Improved ATF Electronic Bound Book download user experience
  • Update the dashboard information automatically
  • Add create date to pending acquisition and disposition lists
  • Improve Tennessee background check functionality
  • Automatically focus fields on the login screen
  • Improve Nevada background check functionality
  • Improve disposition multiple serial search
  • Prevent disposing of items to an 06 FFL (Manufacturer of Ammunition)
  • Restyle the user profile page
  • Add a column for TTSN to the Items list
  • Add Trade Name to the import file format
  • Warn user about potentially missing TTSN
  • Notify users when serial numbers contain characters not approved by ATF
  • Notify users that 03 FFLs cannot be updated via eZ Check
  • Notify users that 06 FFLs cannot be updated via eZ Check


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