and FastBound launch free integration Logo is very excited to announce that in partnership with FastBound, we have launched a free integration that allows FastBound dealers to accelerate their listing and selling processes through, one of the largest ecommerce sites used by FFL dealers nationwide. Dealers that connect with through FastBound will be able to list firearms, maintain accurate inventory and process sales in just a few clicks. Better yet, this will allow dealers to list as much of their inventory as they wish in a matter of seconds.

Zane Wagner, of Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun in Lubbock, TX had this to say about the partnership: “Integrating FastBound with has completely changed the way we sell online. Guns that were sitting in our store not selling are now online and moving quickly. It takes the guesswork out of what products to upload!”.

“We’re very excited to be working with the FastBound team – what we have built is truly beneficial to any dealer that uses FastBound and wants to grow their online sales channel. Having a wide selection of inventory is key to being successful selling online and in just a few clicks a dealer can list all of the inventory they wish. By cutting down the time it takes to list and maintain accurate inventory, the dealers can focus on shipping orders and managing their retail store front. This will truly be a game changer for dealers with FastBound!” says Jeff Tesch, Director of Business Development

“For years, many of our thousands of customers have been crystal clear about two things: listing firearms online is important to their business, and listing firearms online is time-consuming and painful. We are excited to announce this comprehensive integration with Since 2010, FastBound’s proven track record with delivering firearms compliance solutions, including the leading electronic A&D and electronic 4473 to thousands of FFLs, puts FastBound in a unique position to help FFLs quickly and accurately list firearms online and unlist them when they sell online or in-store. FastBound’s new integration with is, hands down, the quickest and easiest way to sell firearms online.” says Jason Smith, CEO of FastBound.

Starting today, customers can try FastBound 14 days for free at customers already using FastBound can automatically list inventory on by navigating to the Partners page under Settings in their FastBound account and click Configure under

To learn more about and how to sell more firearms online the most Gunbelievably easy way possible, contact us at 888-585-4867 or click to sign up now!
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