NFA Form 4 & NFA Form 5 Updates For 4473

One of our customers had a great idea: on a Pending NFA Form 4 & NFA Form 5 Disposition, if the Contact has a Special Occupational Tax (SOT), EIN Number, SOT Class, or a Business Type set, show them on the pending NFA Disposition and the FastBound NFA Disposition Receipt page after they complete the Pending NFA Form 4 & NFA Form 5 Disposition.

As per usual, we also made several other small enhancements including:

  1. Improved the FastBound Settings screen for configuring Reporting Multiple Firearms Sales
  2. Improved the webhook sent when a 4473 is deleted from the FastBound API.
  3. Added separate GetByExternalId endpoints for Acquisitions, Contacts, Dispositions, and Items.
  4. Updated support for California Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) entry.
  5. Added additional text to the empty screens for Items, Bound Book, and Acquisitions to help new users figure out where to go next.
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