Washington Firearm Transfer Application, Webhooks, and more

Washington Firearm Transfer Application

FastBound now fills out your Washington Firearm Transfer Application (source) using the information entered and contained in FastBound.

washington firearm transfer application
Washington Firearm Transfer Application


Several of our integration partners have been asking for webhooks for some time, and we are excited to now offer support for webhooks in FastBound. 

Webhooks are useful for keeping your integrated software up to date with FastBound in near real-time, with asynchronous events to let your app know when someone commits an acquisition, creates or edits a contact, or changes an item in your FastBound account, for example.

Other Improvements

As always, we like to sneak in as features and improvements for our customers, including:

  • We added beta support for an exciting new integration — watch for an upcoming post on this integration that you won’t want to miss.
  • FastBound now supports moving inventory to a blank inventory location.
  • We removed the item location column from the item details and item search results to make more room for relevant columns.
  • We added a new button to make it faster to generate the Transferror’s Transaction Serial Number (TTSN) when you are on the Edit 4473 page.
  • Improved the flow and user experience when using FastBound’s manufacturing module for manufacturing items from existing items in your inventory.
  • Improved the flow and user experience when you use FastBound’s manufacturing module to manufacture new items from scratch.
  • We have added additional compliance checks around the 4473 question 30, and 4473 question 31 re-sign and re-certification.
  • Improved the performance of generating a new Multiple Sale Report.
  • Added additional compliance checks for NFA Form 4 confirmation dialogs in FastBound.
  • Added multiple improvements to the contents and format of the Multiple Sale Report continuation sheet provided by the ATF.
  • Improved FastBound’s NFA Form 4 process by completing even more of the fields that appear on the registrant and CLEO copies.

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