Why FastBound clients love the cloud

Most FFL holders dread the tedious nature of A&D record keeping.

Recent technology has simplified many processes in our life, from ordering food, to watching TV, to ordering a ride. So why as an industry would we stay in the dark ages with pens and papers and repetitive acquisitions and dispositions? Using updated technology across many platform, Mac, PC, etc FFL holders can reduce the time needed for record keeping. One step further by using cloud based software these tasks can be performed on multiple platforms by multiple users.

How can the cloud make my life simple?

Cloud based software, such as FastBound, are compatible across both PC & Macintosh platforms. If your GM uses a PC, but your operations manager uses a Mac both have equal compatibility.

Based in the cloud, FFL holders keep the peace of mind knowing their data is securely backed up at all times. No more blue window of death panic, or water spilled nightmare. Regardless of individual computer failures, your books are safe and can be easily accessed at any time from any functioning system.

Compliance, compliance compliance! The #1 violations year after year is the failure to timely record A&D’s. Using an electronic based bound book makes this process easy so you stay on top of the tasks. Cloud based FFL record books keep your entries organized, accurate, and entirely legible. In addition, by using a cloud based software you can rest assured the latest rulings and updates have been integrated in your record keeping process.

I do not like clouds! Convince me why the Cloud is awesome.

Easy to use. Works across many platforms. Secure. Backed up. Compliant, compliant compliant!

Not much more to it than that. Using a cloud based software like FastBound that is developed, hosted, and supported in the US gives you the confidence to carry on with your business while knowing your precious records are safe and secure.

FastBound customers are fully covered by FFLGuard’s ATF ProtectionPlan Plus™, which is a guaranteed legal defense against ATF if they initiate administrative action for violations related to our software. So not only does FastBound provide the cloud based, multi platform compatibility, but compliance protection too. Try FastBound today for free!

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