FFLGuard ATF Protection

Feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing that FFLGuard ATF protection and FastBound are in your corner.

FastBound keeps you up-to-date and in compliance.  FFLGuard backs up that promise with guaranteed legal defense against ATF inspection violations resulting in administrative action.

FastBound and FFLGuard Protection

ATF doesn’t review or verify, or validate software. FastBound retains the number one legal and compliance service for the Firearms Industry in the country, FFLGuard, to provide you with a guaranteed legal defense against ATF violations related to FastBound, resulting in administrative action related to the use of our software. Nobody else offers this!

Compliance is critical to running a firearms business, especially for Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). However, with the many regulations and requirements set by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, ATF compliance can be a daunting and complicated task.

This is where A&D software providers like FastBound come in, providing compliance solutions that make it easier for firearm dealers and other FFLs to manage their inventory and stay compliant with ATF regulations.

Industry Leader

FastBound is a leading provider of compliance software solutions for the firearms industry. Their ATF bound book software is designed to help FFLs manage their firearms compliance needs, including tracking firearms acquisition and disposition, generating ATF-compliant purchase reports, and maintaining an ATF-bound book. However, what sets FastBound apart from other software providers is its commitment to retaining legal services and providing legal support to its clients.

FastBound’s legal services are provided by FFLGuard, a firearms compliance program that provides legal support to firearms companies across the United States. FFLGuard has a team of experienced subject matter experts that provide legal counsel and representation in the event of an ATF audit or any compliance issues that may arise.

The Gold Standard

FFLGuard is the gold standard in legal support for FFLs. They have a national coordinating counsel network that provides legal support to FFLs in all 50 states, ensuring that FFLs have access to the best legal representation no matter where they are located.

Chris Chiafullo, National Coordinating Counsel for FFLGuard, is a well-respected figure in the firearms industry. Mr. Chiafullo has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Heckler & Koch and Primary Arms.

FastBound is unique from other software providers is its commitment to offering legal support to its clients. FastBound and FFLGuard’s partnership provides its clients with access to legal support and expertise that other software providers can’t match. The partnership gives FFLs peace of mind and reduces the risk of financial loss and legal trouble.

The FFLGuard ATF protection program provides proactive legal representation FFLs. You are protected in the event of an ATF audit or any other legal action. FFLs can rest assured that they have the legal support to protect their business and reputation.

FastBound’s commitment to compliance and legal support sets them apart from other software providers. FastBound and FFLGuard provide FFLs with access to one-of-a-kind legal support and expertise. Our goal is to help you reduce the risk of financial loss and legal trouble. FastBound is the clear choice for FFLs seeking a compliance solution backed by legal support.