E4473: ATF Form 4473, Online


E4473, also known as ATF Form 4473 Online, or Electronic 4473, means different things.

The ATF has provided a fillable PDF copy of Form 4473 (sometimes referred to as E4473) for years now. But, this is a trap, especially for new FFLs, because the fillable form does nothing to ensure that the form is complete or correct. Yes, the resulting forms are easily readable, but just like the paper form, you may not know how many hundreds of thousands of forms have been filled out incorrectly until your first or next inspection.

Since 2010, FastBound Firearms Compliance software has processed hundreds of millions of firearms transfer transactions for thousands of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). In the same way that our Electronic FFL Bound Books give thousands of FFLs the peace of mind knowing that their Acquisition & Disposition Records are complete, correct, and compliant, our Electronic 4473 is no exception. 

How Do I Know FastBound E4473 Is Compliant?

When the ATF doesn’t verify or validate compliance software, how do you know any software is compliant? Because the person trying to sell it to you say’s it is? Because they say they “have never had a problem?” Because they say “customers have passed countless audits?” It’s never true (ask FFLGuard), but even if it was, that logic is like saying that pointing a muzzle in an unsafe direction is acceptable because you’ve never had a negligent discharge. It’s not acceptable for firearms safety, and it’s not acceptable for firearms compliance, especially when FFLs are under more scrutiny than ever.

FastBound retains firearms attorneys and subject matter experts, like the ones at FFLGuard. During the design and development phase of developing FastBound (100% in the United States), FFLGuard reviews FastBound to ensure our software is correct and compliant before any FFL ever uses it. 

Attorney-Backed Compliance Guarantee

In addition to retaining FFLGuard during design and development, FastBound also retains FFLGuard to manage its Protection Plan Plus program, which provides FastBound customers with a guaranteed legal defense related to the use of FastBound–you won’t find this anywhere else. 

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