Form 4473 Rules & ATF Form 3310.12 March 2021 Revision

This week, we added even more Form 4473 rules and compliance checks to our electronic Form 4473 software to ensure that your buyers fill out their Form 4473s correctly and in a compliant manner!

These newly-added Form 4473 rules mean that FastBound will now ensure that the date entered for “firearm(s) may be transferred on” and the date entered for “Prior to transfer the following response(s) was/were later provided by NICS or the appropriate State agency” do not occur before the entered “date the transferee’s/buyer’s identifying information in Section B was transmitted to NICS or the appropriate State agency” date. These dates not being correct is very commonly overlooked and can result in a violation.

Is it all too simple to overlook a date on a crowded government form, like Form 4473. To help make the seller’s job a little bit easier, FastBound will now indicate that a buyer’s identification has expired by showing a warning when the date entered in Question 29, “Expiration Date,” occurs in the past. Also, another very common source of violations. 

FastBound has also been updated to the latest available March 2021 revision of the Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Certain Rifles (ATF Form 3310.12) form. We also added some additional date range compliance checks to warn sellers about carefully reviewing Multiple Sale Reports to ensure that you are not transmitting unnecessary reports to the ATF.

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