Multiple Sale Reporting

multiple sale reporting

ATF field divisions, ATF inspectors, and ATF agents have a lot of discretion at their disposal. A Federal Firearms Licensee who takes the care to implement controls to mitigate risks before even a single inspection has taken place is heavily considered. Absent extraordinary circumstances, this precaution can sometimes make all the difference when ATF inspectors, and ATF agents exercise that discretion to recommend a corrective actions or cite for a willful violation, or criminal activity with serious punishment.

Every year, the ATF releases a list of top FFL violations and the repercussions of them. Every year, “failure to report multiple sales” is on the top of the list. This regulation can, admittedly, be a little confusing. Because of the rise in firearm trafficking, law enforcement and the ATF are very particular about how they require a firearms dealer to report multiple sales, so things can get murky when you are in a hurry. FastBound has the most compliant multiple sale reporting available. The consequences of non-compliance with multiple sale reporting range from fines, to revocation, and, in some severe cases, prison.

We realize your business is your top priority, which is why our team created FastBound. Our electronic A&D software keeps you compliant with regular updates and many features, so you can focus on the core tasks that keep your business running. 

We spent hundreds of hours working with the team at FFLGuard, and a 43-year veteran of ATF, Assistant Director of Field & Industry Operations, Assistant Director of Field & Industry Operations, to ensure you don’t become a statistic. 

With the most compliant Multiple Sale Reporting available, FastBound won’t let anything slip through the cracks.