Starting an Electronic 4473 – Step by Step

The May 2020 revision of the 4473 has some very important changes

Section A

  • Now contains the firearms to be transferred

  • MUST be completed before the seller can complete Section B

  • Q6 Total Number of Firearms to be Transferred, If the transfer does not take place, do not change Q6 to “zero”

Section B

  • Q10 “County” has been changed to “County/ Parish/Borough”

  • Q14 Sex, Non-Binary has been added

Section C

  • Q26c gives a space to record PCS orders to establish residency

Below is a detailed step by step instruction on how to start an ATF form 4473, revision May 2020. Some of the steps required are designed to help you stay compliant. If the buyer does not want to fill out an electronic 4473 they can fill out a manual paper 4473.

To start an electronic 4473, revision May 2020, please follow these steps

On the Main Menu

  • Click 4473

If you do not see 4473 on the Main Menu, it may not be turned on in your account settings, or you may not have permission to access 4473s in FastBound.

On the Pending 4473 page

  • Click the “Start New 4473” button

On the New 4473 page

  • Enter an Item Number or a Serial Number

  • Then click the Search button

If you need to add more than one Item to this 4473, you will repeat the next two steps until you’ve added all of the Items to this 4473.

On the Item Search Page

NOTE – (On the Item Search page)If the Item is found, FastBound will show the item in the table at the bottom of the page. If the Item is already on a pending disposition or 4473, FastBound will tell you on the right hand side of the table at the bottom of the page.If the Item cannot be found, the table will be empty.

  • Select the Item and verify the details

What’s in FastBound, what’s marked on the firearm, and what’s on the 4473 must all match exactly, or you could get a violation.

  • Click Continue after you verify the details of the Item

You can optionally enter or update the Sales Price.

  • Click the “Include Selected Items” button to add the Item to the 4473

On the New 4473 page

If you want to add another Item to the 4473, you can search and add another Item. If you want to remove an Item from the 4473, you can click the trash can icon on the right.

  • If any Item on this 4473 is a pawn redemption, check the checkbox next to the Item on the right hand side
    – This will automatically fill out Q7

  • If this 4473 is to facilitate a private party transfer, check the box in Q8

Completing Section A

  • After adding all of the items to the 4473, click the “Lock for Buyer Certification” button

  • Are you sure you want to continue?
    – Click the “Lock for buyer Certification” button to continue
    – Click Cancel to return to the 4473

FastBound will issue the 4473 a unique Pin Number. You will need to give the buyer this Pin Number so they can fill out Section B of the 4473. This Pin Number is only useable for 2.5 hours. After that it will need to be regenerated.

The “Return to 4473 list” button will return you to the Pending 4473 List page.

The “Refresh” button will check to see if the buyer has completed Section B.

  • If the buyer has completed Section B, the Sellers sections of the 4473 will be shown so you can continue.

  • If the buyer has not completed Section B, nothing will happen.

The “Unlock 4473” button will remove the pin and unlock the 4473 so more items may be added or it may be deleted.

  • Give the buyer the Pin Number and click the “Return to 4473 list” button

If you forget the Pin Number after you return to the Pending 4473 page, you can click on the New 4473 and the message with the pin will show again.

  • The 4473 will be in a “Awaiting Buyer Certification” Status

After the buyer completes, certifies, signs, and dates Section B of the 4473, it will be in moved to the Pending 4473s list.

To continue,

Completing an Electronic 4473 (With Electronic Signature) – Step by Step or

Completing an Electronic 4473 (Without Electronic Signature) – Step by Step

For more info,

Please check out our Blog post about the New Form 4473 (Revised May 2020)

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