ATF Trace, NFA Form 3, NFA Form 4

FFL Software Update

ATF Trace, NFA Form 3, NFA Form 4

In this release of FastBound, we’re excited to announce our new ATF Trace Report. Many of our customers have asked for one, so we reached out, collected feedback (thank you to everyone who reviewed and gave us feedback), and have added a quick and easy Trace Report under Inventory in FastBound. We have also updated NFA Form 3 and NFA Form 4 to the latest versions available from ATF.

We have also added a new partners page to showcase our beloved partners. We will eventually have all of our partners proudly listed on this page.

Other Improvements

Here is a list of the other improvements and changes:

  • We upgraded to the latest version of the Topaz Signature Pad software library.
  • FastBound will now only show the MPN/UPC warning message if you have an API key on your account. 
  • We added a link to remove the API key from your account, disabling API access to your FastBound account.
  • We improved the MPN and UPC warning messages during manufacturing.
  • We have added additional compliance checks around the Generate Transferor’s Transaction Serial Number (TTSN) checkbox.
  • Added Transferor’s Transaction Serial Number (TTSN) warning for ATF Form 4473 transactions.
  • Added a new API for setting the External Identifier of many FastBound items in a single request instead of setting one External Identifier per request.
  • We improved the overall consistency of rendering of certain non-standard characters in various tables/screens.
  • We improved the display of the Washington State Background Check page when viewed on devices with smaller screens.
  • We have added the location verified date and time to the inventory.location.verified webhook.
  • We improved FastBound contact merging behavior when there is no country specified in one of the contacts.
  • We added additional compliance checks to various pages throughout FastBound, so you don’t accidentally click the back button or otherwise navigate away from a page, potentially losing your unsaved changes.
  • Added a check to make sure that email addresses in the multiple sale settings contain a valid email domain.

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