Texas is one of the least regulated states when it comes to firearm buying and selling. The state has very few additional rules in place and instead relies upon the oversight of the Bureau of Firearms, Tobacco, and Alcohol. In Texas, you need only to have an ATF-issued FFL to transfer firearms from one person to the next. There are over 10,600 FFLs issued in Texas. 

Form 4473

Form 4473 is the paper form by the ATF that is required for all firearms transfers – the transfer of a gun from a seller to a seller or from a seller to a buyer through another seller or FFL holder. 

The paper form 4473 is six pages long, and three of those pages are instructions. That alone should tell you how complex the form is. Also note, the biggest reason why gun sales are denied is that the forms are not filled out correctly.

With the paper form, poor handwriting is a big issue. Thankfully in 2022 you can access the e4473 form and fill it out online. If you use a platform such as FastBound, you can access the e4473 form from any smart device such as your phone or tablet. 

Smart gun dealers use a computer to access the power behind FastBound. The simplified process saves gun sellers and buyers a lot of time and helps you complete the form accurately. It also provides a ton of legal tips, and you can see that it was designed by legal-minded developers who understand ATF regulations. 

For gun dealers, e4473 through FastBound can be electronically stored under full compliance with document handling by the ATF. No more having to house paper 4473 forms and bound books.

For ease of gun sales and transfers, FastBound not only helps you fill out the forms, but it will also highlight errors that you make so that you can correct them before the form is submitted.

Because FastBound is attorney-backed, the forms are always updated with recent changes by the ATF. 

Bound Books 

FastBound helps you remain in compliance with all the Bound Book and other regulations by the ATF. The advantage that FastBound brings to gun dealers is that easy electronic storage of all forms and bound books, including A&Ds. 

If you have been a licensed FFL for a while, you probably understand the burden of storing and safeguarding paper 4473 forms and bound books. FastBound changes that as it can store your forms in the cloud and allow you or ATF inspectors to access the forms and even search them for specific criteria.

FastBound allows you to create endless bound books all stored electronically and under full compliance by the ATF. So long as you are entering the information correctly, the system will spot errors and highlight them before you submit the form. Information such as that on the firearm is critical

As a fully compliant ATF A&D form, you will need to have:

  • Gun manufacture information
  • Whether the gun is imported or not
  • The Model number
  • The Serial number
  • Gun information such as the type, caliber, etc. 
  • Acquisition date 
  • The buyer or transfer and transferee information

With FastBound, you will always have the correct form which will show you the data you need to complete the form. 

eZ Check

The integrated eZ Check feature by FastBound allows you to quickly connect to the ATF FFL EZ Check system so that you can verify that any FFL number is valid and active. The system allows you to verify the FFL number in real-time. 

That eZ Check feature allows you to work quickly and remain in compliance. It is a simple way to eliminate one of the biggest compliance issues that gun dealers face.  

FastBound Benefits

  • Compliance-backed legal defense – FastBound was created with the help of lawyers who specialize in firearm regulations. The process focuses on the legal transfer of firearms and the continued regulation by the ATF for firearm dealers and buyers. FastBound is backed by a legal defense to remain updated and accurate.
  • Bulk acquire and dispose – With FastBound you can quickly and legally handle large acquisitions and disposal of firearms.
  • FFL auto-complete – FastBound speeds up the FFL process by auto-completing the form where duplicate information is required.
  • Electronic transfers – take the wait out of buying or selling a firearm. Electronic transfers can be handled in minutes. 
  • Not your competitor – FastBound is not an FFL. With FastBound, you’re not telling a competitor who you buy from, what you pay, or how much you sell. It is a tool of empowerment that allows you to grow your business while maintaining compliance.
  • Multi-state background – Handle background checks across multiple states all within the compliance of the ATF. Electronic background checks thanks to the comprehensive FFL software and A&D software saves time and helps you build your business.
  • Automate your backups – As part of ATF regulations, FastBound helps you to set up a backup process that is accurate, functional, and fast.

Manage Your FFL with FastBound

FastBound is a tool that helps you grow your firearms business through fast, accurate, and ATF compliance and form population. Learn how FastBound is a perfect fit for your firearm business today.