California is perhaps the most regulated state for firearm possession for those who hold an FFL to sell or buy guns in the Golden State. For example, even with an FFL type 01, you cannot obtain a firearm lawfully unless you are on one of the state’s centralized lists. The state has many centralized lists including:

  • A centralized list of Firearms Dealers
  • A centralized list of Firearms Manufacturers
  • A centralized list of Exempted Federal Firearms Licensees

All FFLs must go through the California Department of Justice to become listed on one or more of their centralized lists.

It is a complex system that requires some insider knowledge to navigate.

Form 4473

Form 4473 is the Federal Government’s Firearms Transaction Record, which is one of the forms that is required anytime a firearm changes hands through a licensed firearms dealer.

Form 4473 or E4473 was recently revised, and the old forms are no longer accepted. That means if you are not using the correct form, an inspection from California Department of Justice or the ATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms could result in a violation. That’s another reason to not rely on paper forms.

If you are trying to buy or sell a gun, and you are going through a gun dealer, the FastBound method for form 4473 is ideal. Not only is the electronic form through FastBound always up to date, but it also helps your buyer and you to fill out the form correctly.

If you gather all the information you need, which includes personal information, the firearm information, including serial number, etc., and any legal information. FastBound can help you and your buyer complete a form 4473 in minutes. Form 4473 is six pages long (three pages of questions plus three additional pages of instructions).

The beautiful thing about FastBound is that it already understands form 4473 AND California. It is updated at the time the ATF makes changes, so all of your effort in filling out the form is active. You will not be denied because you’ve used the wrong form. The program also helps you by pointing out errors on the form. One common reason why form 4473 is denied is due to erroneous data entered on the form. FastBound solves that problem.

Bound Books

A bound book is the firearm acquisition and disposition record, also called an A&D – Loosely we refer to these as bound books. These are the records that a firearms business must keep for 20 years on-site. Bound books must be organized and accessible, and they follow a regulated format issued by the ATF so that you are always under ATF compliance.

In the past, bound books were paper. The firearm business would provide the gun buyer or seller a set of forms, including form 4473, and once the sale of the gun was given the okay by the ATF and the background information was processed, the gun dealer would be required to save those paper forms in an orderly method so that ATF inspectors could search the bound book and easily find transactions that they needed. 

You can imagine that the process of organizing and keeping bound books would be laborious. Not only is there work involved, but you also have to keep those records safe and secure.

Thankfully, the ATF changed its rules, allowing forms and bound books to be kept electronically. Providing that the electronic process meets their guidelines which also includes searchable features that allow the ATF to find what they need quickly.

FastBound is your go-to source for electronic form completion, submission, and storage. FastBound is compliant with ATF rulings and recognized for its ability to comply with ATF regulations, accuracy, and searchable functions.

eZ Check

eZ Check is a tool that allows FFL holders to verify the FFL of another business. When you buy a gun, it is shipped from one FFL – the transferee – to another FFL – the transferor. eZ Check allows both FFL holders to verify that both FFLs are valid before the transaction occurs. FastBound integrates with the ATF eZ Check system to make checking an FFL quick, efficient, and safe. You can also create a contact in FastBound just by entering an FFL number, and the rest of the details will be filled in from the eZ check database.

FastBound Benefits

  • Compliance-backed legal defense – FastBound was created with the help of lawyers who specialize in firearm regulations. The process focuses on the legal transfer of firearms and the continued regulation by the ATF for firearm dealers and buyers. FastBound is backed by a legal defense to remain updated and accurate.
  • Bulk acquire and dispose – With FastBound you can quickly and legally handle large acquisitions and disposal of firearms.
  • FFL auto-complete – FastBound speeds up the FFL process by auto-completing the form where duplicate information is required.
  • Electronic transfers – take the wait out of buying or selling a firearm. Electronic transfers can be handled in minutes. 
  • Not your competitor – FastBound is not an FFL. With FastBound, you’re not telling a competitor who you buy from, what you pay, or how much you sell. It is a tool of empowerment that allows you to grow your business while maintaining compliance.
  • Multi-state background – Handle background checks across multiple states all within the compliance of the ATF. Electronic background checks thanks to the comprehensive FFL software and A&D software saves time and helps you build your business.
  • Automate your backups – As part of ATF regulations, FastBound helps you to set up a backup process that is accurate, functional, and fast.

Manage Your FFL with FastBound

Learn more about how to easily manage your gun business with FastBound while maintaining compliance and access to background checks, forms, and data storage.